New e-mail address 2019-08-24 1 min

I have been using the free e-mail provider since I've launched postmarketOS publicly. Now the whole service is being terminated though, the reasons being mostly that people either use it for spam, or just to have a cool anonymous address that can be used with TOR. Without caring much about the Bitmessage protocol working background. The latter is what I have been doing honestly, so all I can say is thank you very much for keeping up the service for so long, and making it perfectly reliable, dear admin!

I was happy about the professional timeline, that was given for migrating. For reference:

This came along with a note of "We reserve the right to perform these actions sooner or later than initially planned. Please don't wait until the last moment." and "I will likely hold on to the domain for a long time to prevent bad actors from setting up a fake mail system, but beyond that, nothing is planned". My conclusion from that is, if anybody ever has to shut down their e-mail service, this is exactly how it should be done.

So I had some time to think about where to migrate my e-mails to, and then some time to implement it and change the e-mail addresses everywhere. I've added the new one to my PGP key, and updated it, here on the blog and also submitted to public key servers. My new address is my nickname at Just like before, one can find everything on the "feedback" page of this blog. Thanks to Martijn for setting this up!