August 2018 blog update 2018-08-05 2 min

My blog needed an update. It does not recommend Copperhead OS in the security warning post anymore, since it's dead now (at least the main developer left the company, and I would not recommend to use it anymore). Another piece of bad news is that Liberapay was thrown out by their payment processor. I've used that page for my crowdfunding experiments with my development on pmOS, earning up to 10 euros per week from it (that peak was around the time of the last blog post here, since then it dropped to ~3 per week). It was beer money to me, nothing serious but a nice little motivational boost. But I am sad that this happened to Liberapay, because it is an amazing free software crowdfunding platform that is basically broken as of now. I hope it recovers soon.

As a result, I've decided to not accept donations anymore, because I wouldn't really want to use another platform right now. Don't get me wrong, maintaining pmbootstrap is not only incredibly rewarding when seeing the progress of postmarketOS, but it is also quite some effort. And I can't keep on doing that next to a 40 hour/week job in my free time forever. But let's be honest here, I would have needed to put a lot more effort into the donation part to get anywhere near the point where I could live off it. Spending effort on that is not really what I wanted to do right now, so instead I found another solution for myself: soon I will have a new day job. I won't go into much detail now, but it is free software related, and it is less than 40 hours per week.

This allows me to re-structure my work day: one big block of paid work for the day job, one smaller block of unpaid postmarketOS related work. Then lots of free time, which I can use on postmarketOS if I feel like it - and if I don't, I already did the bare minimum to help with keeping the project running in a good state during that small block earlier in the day! With that in mind, I've removed the "Oliver Smith's next day job" in the header of the blog.

Another dated section was the FAQ/About page. I've removed the postmarketOS related content there, if someone wants to read up on that, we have plenty on the pmOS homepage and wiki already, that should be the reference place to look such information up.