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If you think I have started something useful with postmarketOS, and that I'm doing a good job with maintaining and improving it, you can send me donations on a weekly basis. My plan is, that it is at some point enough, so I can work on postmarketOS and related free software projects full-time and be completely independent. I plan to blog about every step of that process once I get close to it, so all donors (and other people who are interested) are informed. And to serve as blueprint for other free software developers, who could do the same!

Nevertheless, this recurring crowdfunding model is merely an addition to the postmarketOS project. I will try to keep going (in my personal free time, as I have done until now) even if no money comes in. Even more, postmarketOS could still reach all its goals (become a day-to-day smartphone operating system etc.) without a single cent, due to its open source nature. Just imagine a hundred people developing together in their free time. They surely would get more done, than a single developer paid to be working on the same project full-time.

Update: After working some months on the project, we have lots of contributors! I've realized that this of course does accelerate development, but at the same time comes with additional maintenance effort (e.g. code reviews/tests need to be done, binary packages for the repository needs to be built). So the project still benefits if there's someone continuously getting the blockers out of the way for everyone else working on the project (which is part of my "milestones").

Please be sure, before donating.

Please keep in mind, that postmarketOS in its current state is completely useless for most people! It is not foreseeable when you will be able to run postmarketOS on your smartphone, or if that will happen at all. Please do not donate, if you want a smartphone OS, that you can use in real life today. Consider donating for Replicant, CopperheadOS or LineageOS instead.

Another reason not to donate would be, if you are also creating something, that everyone can use for free, and only take donations for it (especially if it is your main job). Be it programming, music, whatever. In this case, you should rather keep the money, because every time you send a donation further to someone else, transaction costs apply and the donated money becomes less and less.

Update: Again, some months later now - I've changed my opinion on that last paragraph. When donating on the same donations platform (Liberapay), it is possible to forward donations to other projects you believe in without additional transaction costs. So I've started giving some money to Liberapay creator Changaco, because I think what he's doing is fantastic.

Do you know more reasons not to donate? Please write me, and I'll include them here, or at least comment them on my blog. The idea is, that donors really know what they are donating for and don't regret it afterwards.


Still reading? Good! Here is the donation link.

I chose Liberapay, because the author also wants to prove, that it is possible to make a living of developing free software, only running on donations. As implied, their source is available. And because they finance their own donations platform on their own donations platform — without the additional charge, that basically all other donation platforms have.

Please note, that right now, they do not have automatic withdrawal implemented, although it is planned. So the workflow for a donor would be as follows:

If you have any problems with Liberapay, please let me know.